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Covering All Your Exterior Cleaning And Window Needs

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 Windows are cleaned with a microfiber mop and squeegee, and wiped dry with a lint-free towel, so nothing is left behind on your clean glass. This process puts me near your windows, so I can see them as you will and make sure nothing is missed.




I can clear gutters safely from the roof using a harness and rope, or from a ladder equipped with levelers and stabilizer bars. After I've made sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris, I will clean up the mess, and do my best to leave things as good or better looking than before I arrived.




The goal of my roof services are to increase the life of the roof as much as possible. This means I don't pressure wash roofs, and will instead break up the moss and debris using a wire brush. Debris is cleared from your roof using a professional grade backpack blower, to ensure nothing that will clog your gutters or harbor moss is left. Finally, a moss treatment will be applied to kill anything left behind and prevent new growth (typically 1 yr).




I use a commercial grade pressure washer to clean concrete and cement. This will remove alge, mildew, and lichen growing on your driveways, walkways/sidewalks, and retaining walls. Not only does this improve the aesthetics of your home, but it also reduces the risk of slips and falls.




For some surfaces, pressure washing is just overkill and can cause premature wear or damage. For removing mildew and algae from siding or decks, I spray (below 100 psi) cleaning agents onto the surface and use a nylon brush to break up any stubborn spots. After rinsing off the product, the surfaces are just as clean or cleaner than if I'd used a pressure washer, but it does so without the added wear to your home.




Over time, mildew and algae grow on the outside of your gutters, even faster if they've been overflowing. This can aesthetically put a damper on your house. I use soft brushes and a carbon fiber pole to reach every bit of your gutters, and will scrub them clean and apply a bleach based product to prolong their new clean appearance.